FITBIT Ionic Adidas Edition

FITBIT Ionic Adidas Edition FITBIT Ionic Adidas Edition
FITBIT Ionic Adidas Edition FITBIT Ionic Adidas Edition

FITBIT Ionic Adidas Edition

Product description
Top features:

- Adidas Edition branding with step-by-step coaching included

- Dynamic personal coaching to keep you in top shape

- Built-in GPS to track your activities accurately

- PurePulse continuous heartrate monitor to measure health over time

- Up to 4 days of battery life for reliability

Adidas Edition

The Fitbit Ionic Adidas Edition has a unique app included – Adidas Train, which lets you access running workouts with step-by-step coaching so you can stay on track.

And with a signature Adidas sport band and custom clock face available, you can clearly display Adidas branding to match your favourite workout clothing or just to make a statement.

Dynamic person coaching

Workout effectively and accurately with the Fitbit Ionic. This smartwatch provides you with thorough and easy-to-follow on-screen guidance for all your squats, stretches and more, and adjusts routines according to your feedback.

Multi-sport tracking modes help you become your fittest by displaying real-time stats to help you keep pushing the bar.

Built-in GPS

The Ionic's built-in GPS lets you easily track run, walk and hike stats and map routes so that you are always on top of your activities. And with the room to store over 300 of your favourite songs, it's easy to push and inspire your hard work.

PurePulse continuous heart rate monitor

Be proactive in maintaining good health. This smartwatch helps you monitor your resting heart rate and understand your heart rate trends over time to stay in control of your cardiovascular health.

Count the number of laps you swim, calories burned and much more. Use your cardio fitness score to improve aerobic performance and follow personalised breathing sessions to maintain a good heart rate.

Up to 4 days of battery life

The Fitbit Ionic's long battery life means you can rely on it to focus on improving your ovverall physical performance and health.

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24 Months
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