FITBIT Versa - Rose Gold Aluminium

FITBIT Versa  - Rose Gold Aluminium

FITBIT Versa - Rose Gold Aluminium


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Product description
Top features:

- Monitor your health with a heart rate monitor and record workouts

- Connect to a smartphone to use the GPS to show pace and distance

- Stay charged with long battery life

- Reply to texts without touching your smartphone

Monitor your health

Take your health to the next step with the Fitbit Versa. With the Versa you can easily monitor your health and fitness, so head on out for your morning swim, evening jog or daily gym session and get the personalised guidance you need to motivate you. There are over 15 exercise modes so you'll always be able to find the right one for you.

Featuring a PurePulse heart rate, you can track your calorie burn, see your resting heart rate trends and even discover your cardio fitness level. This means you have access to a whole range of information you wouldn't have before and exercise the best way for you. Just grab your running shoes and get going. You can also log your menstrual cycle and keep track of related symptoms – perfect for keeping tabs on an irregular period.

Connect to a smartphone

View where you've been, where you want to go, and how far you went when connected to your smartphone. You can use your phones GPS to keep track of your location and view all your statistics within a few taps. This means you can challenge your friends and prove to them you did manage that 3 mile jog round your local park.

Stay charged

You deserve a battery that will last and the Fitbit Versa is ideal. Lasting for four or more days, you can get through most of the week without a single recharge. Simply strap on and begin your day without needing to charge it every night.

Reply to texts

Keep in contact without even using your phone. Simply reply to texts through your Fitbit Versa making it easy for those times you're in the gym. As long as your phone is within easy reach and connected to Bluetooth, you can send that a messaage to your loved one and let them know when you'll be home, directly from your Versa.

You can also store over 300 songs on your smartwatch making your intense workout sessions that little bit more bearable.

Main colour
102 millimeter
52 millimeter
204 millimeter
0.335 kilogram
Warranty information
24 Months
Extended warranty
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