AMAZON Echo Spot - White

AMAZON Echo Spot - White

AMAZON Echo Spot - White


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Top features:

- Enjoy videos, photos and music with Alexa - Voice-control your home with compatible smart devices - Hands-free calling and messaging - Automatic updates regularly add new skills Enjoy videos, photos and music The Amazon Echo Spot makes it incredibly easy to get your day started the right way. Simply say Alexa's name to activate voice control, and say whatever you want to hear, see or do. Set a music alarm with your ‘getting ready' song just by asking your smart speaker (Amazon Music, Spotify & TuneIn supported). Ask for a video flash news briefing to stay up to date. Display your favourite picture of your kids as a beautiful bedside photo to wake up to. Whatever you choose to do, the Echo Spot works around you and your routine. Voice-control your home Control your lights, heating, home security and much more with your Amazon Echo Spot. Alexa offers compatibility with smart home devices across a wide range of manufacturers, so you'll find that linking everything that turns your house into your home is an easy and seamless experience. It's not just your home you'll be able to control, either. Use just your voice to order pizza from Domino's, track your fitness with Fitbit or even order more essentials with Amazon Prime. Ticking off that to-do list has never been simpler. Hands-free calling and messaging Borrowing your friend's winning recipe but need some practical help? Don't get flour and egg over your phone screen, use your Amazon Echo Spot to video call your friend hands-free and get the guidance you need face-to -face. Contacting family and mates that own a supported Echo device or the Alexa App is as simple as a standard call. With a crisp and clear camera at the front of the device, your friend will be able to show you exactly how to perfect that dish as if they're in the kitchen with you. Automatic updates Even after weeks of regular use,, you still won't have seen all that your Amazon Echo Spot is capable of. With a consistent connection to a WiFi network, the Echo Spot regularly updates and learns new skills to make the Alexa experience even better. Discover new skills with the Alexa App and see how your smart home experience can be enhanced. Track your fitness, control your TV with Sony, or just compile a shopping list ready for the supermarket. Amazon Echo Spot is on hand to make every task hassle-free.

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12 Months
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