SAMSUNG Galaxy S9+ - 128 GB Lilac Purple

SAMSUNG Galaxy S9+ - 128 GB  Lilac Purple SAMSUNG Galaxy S9+ - 128 GB  Lilac Purple
SAMSUNG Galaxy S9+ - 128 GB  Lilac Purple SAMSUNG Galaxy S9+ - 128 GB  Lilac Purple

SAMSUNG Galaxy S9+ - 128 GB Lilac Purple


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Product description
The Samsung Galaxy S9+ has an Infinity Display that's more beautiful than ever. Immerse yourself in videos and photos with a curved edge-to-edge screen that feels as good as it looks.

Samsung have packed plenty of pixels into the sAMOLED screen, so everything you watch on your Galaxy S9+ bursts with detail and colour.

Whether you're streaming your favourite series or listening to music, everything sounds great thanks to the stereo AKG speakers with Dolby Atmos. And if you want to keep your music all to yourself, there's a headphone jack ready and waiting.

The rear camera on the S9+ has a large aperture lens that lets in plenty of light. Lots of light means brighter photos, so nothing gets lost in shadow when you're taking photos inside or at night. The dual aperture camera lets you get creative with your photos, for the perfect shot every time.

The S9+ has a powerful Dual Camera that has 2x optical zoom and dual OIS, which means that you can step your photography up a level. Live Focus lets you take stunning bokeh shots, perfect for taking instant Instagram-worthy photos.

Don't put up with blurry photos. Dual Pixel technology lets the S9+'s autofocus react quickly, so you'll be able to catch the moment your pet does something cute or the second your friend does something silly.

Selfies with friends don't need to look dark and fuzzy. The front-facing camera is designed to let in plenty of light, and autofocus means no one ends up with a blurry face. Or why not use it to bring emojis to life with AR Emojis? They look just like you, so you can bring the personal touch to your messages.

Popped your phone down in a patch of water, or has it taken an accidental dunk in the sink? The Samsung Galaxy S9+ has an IP68 rating, which means you won't need to worry about it getting soggy. Use your phone almost anywhere without getting dirt, dust, sand or water inside your phone.

Bixby is getting even smarter, so doing allmost anything on your phone is a breeze. Lost on holiday and not sure what the signs mean? Live Translate can read everything from a street sign to menus. Worried you'll forget about something important coming up? Just use your voice to ask Bixby to set a reminder.

As well as a fingerprint scanner on the back of the phone, the S9+ uses iris and face scanning to keep your phone secure, so you can keep your data safe just using your eyes.

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