Wenger 600631 Legacy 16 inches BackPack

Wenger 600631 Legacy 16 inches BackPack Wenger 600631 Legacy 16 inches BackPack
Wenger 600631 Legacy 16 inches BackPack Wenger 600631 Legacy 16 inches BackPack

Wenger 600631 Legacy 16 inches BackPack


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Product description
Legacy 6 inch backpack with Checkpoint friendly notebook compartment & Quik Pocket for easy access to essential items.

More people than ever are carrying notebooks between their home and office. This explains why Notebook Backpacks from Wenger are so popular. Wenger Backpacks offer unrivalled build quality, comfort and space to carefully transport clothing, files, power leads and other accessories as well as a notebook, plus there are secure compartments to carry valuables and practical outer pockets to store bottled drinks and other accessories. And if you are required to stay overnight during your business commute, Wenger Backpacks are spacious enough to double as an overnight bag.

Quik Pocket

Wenger bags are famous for their smart practical details and features. Take the Quik Pocket. It’s always easy to locate and open, and you’ll quickly find what you need. Vital items such as car keys, smartphone or passport are always available and within close reach when you need them.

Premium materials

Swiss craftsmanship is synonymous with outstanding quality, reliability and innovation. The stylish Wenger Notebook Case collection is proof of this. The long-lasting luxury cases offer plenty of protection against wear and tear, plus many useful features and storage options for all your mobile accessories.

Triple Layer Protection

Protect your valuable notebook and its precious data the best way you possibly can. Most Wenger bags are equipped with Triple Layer Protection, which includes a highly effective three layer padded area to better protect the notebook if bumped or dropped. Ultimately, Triple Layer Protection offers users extra peace of mind.

Lightweight and comfortable, the checkpoint-friendly LEGACY backpack offers unparelleled convenience

It carries your laptop safely and has a wealth of padded compartments and pockets for holding everything from folders to phones. The modern design cleverly combinees space, protection and comfort and is ideal for larger laptops.

Main colour
220 millimeter
440 millimeter
330 millimeter
1 kilogram
Warranty information
36 Months
Extended warranty
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