iPad Pro 12.9 inches US Smart Keyboard - Black

iPad Pro 12.9 inches US Smart Keyboard - Black

iPad Pro 12.9 inches US Smart Keyboard - Black


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Product description

The keyboard has been reinvented – the US Apple iPad Pro 12.9 inches Smart Keyboard lets you enjoy the convenience of typing up notes and emails while retaining portability.

Type on the go

Wherever you are – at home, work or on the move – the Smart Keyboard is there when you need it.

Acting as a slim and lightweight protective cover for your iPad Pro during transport and storage, simply unfold when you want to use it.

Precision typing

The top layer of the Smart Keyboard has been crafted from a sheet of highly durable custom-woven fabric that's laser ablated to form the shape of each key.

This ensures you get an accurate, satisfying typing experience without compromising on a slim design.

Tough design

With a water and stain-resistant finish you can be reassured that the Smart Keyboard retains it's smart and elegant looks.

Made from durable polyurethane, the Smart Keyboard is designed to withstand a lifetime of folding and unfolding, making it ideal for everyday use.

The soft microfibre lining helps to protect the screen and keep your iPad Pro clean when not in use.

Smart Connector

Apple has done away with cables, batteries and even pairing – the Smart Keyboard uses Apple's Smart Connector for seamless communication between the Keyboard and your iPad Pro.

Made from conductive material, the Smart Keyboard allows for a two-way exchange of power and data, so there's no need to recharge.

Complete with familiar and customisable shortcuts, type with ease with the Apple iPad Pro 12.9 inches Smart Keyboard.

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12 Months
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