Ultra USB 3.0 Dual Memory Stick - 64 GB Black

Ultra USB 3.0 Dual Memory Stick - 64 GB  Black

Ultra USB 3.0 Dual Memory Stick - 64 GB Black


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Product description
Easily transfer and store content with the 64 GB SanDisk Ultra USB 3.0 Dual Memory Stick in black.

Dual Connections

The Ultra boasts both a micro-USB connector and a USB 3.0 connector, allowing you to move content easily between all of your devices, such as your Android smartphone, tablet, PC or Mac computer.

Featuring plug and play technology, the flash drive is automatically detected when you connect it to a device, allowing you to move files at high speed with a transfer speed of up to 130 MB a second.

With 64 GB of storage space available, it can hold up to 16000 songs or up to 36000 photos. This means that you can always comfortably transfer files between your devices easily, rarely having to worry about how much space is available.


To make sure your files stay safe, the Ultra comes equipped with SanDisk secure access which creates a password-protected private folder on your flash drive. Your private files are protected with a 128-bit AES encryption meaning that you know that they will remain safe.

With the SanDisk Memory Zone app you can monitor available memory and efficiently manage, organise and back up files stored on your Android smartphone.

Transfer your important files quickly and with confidence using the SanDisk Ultra USB 3.0 Dual Memory Stickin black.
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152 millimeter
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0.020 kilogram
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60 Months
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