CANON RF 50 mm f/1.2L USM Standard Prime Lens

CANON RF 50 mm f/1.2L USM Standard Prime Lens

CANON RF 50 mm f/1.2L USM Standard Prime Lens


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Product description
Top features:

- Portraits that pop with shallow depth of field

- Work in low light with the f/1.2 wide aperture

- Fast and responsive focusing for tracking subjects

- Robust design with manual control ring

Portraits that pop

Capture the attention of the viewer and give your foreground subjects the attention they deserve. With a wide f/1.2 maximum aperture, the Canon RF 50 mm f/1.2L USM Standard Prime Lens lets you shoot with extremely shallow depth of field, so your subjects pop, even against a busy background.

Work in low light

The wide aperture also makes it easier to work in low-light conditions, so you can use a faster shutter speed to freeze movement and stop camera shake. Because you don't need to use additional lighting or flash, you can capture natural-looking, atmospheric photographs.

Fast and responsive focusing

Focusing is fast thanks to Canon's ring-type USM autofocus system, which is usually reserved for their super telephoto lenses. This makes tracking subjects easy as they move around the frame – great for street photography and filmmaking.

Robust design

Designed for professionals out in the field, the RF 50 mm f/1.2L USM has a robust, weatherproof construction. The customisable Lens Control Ring provides greater manual control with direct access to camera settings, so you don't have to move away from the viewfinder.

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232 millimeter
135 millimeter
135 millimeter
1 kilogram
Warranty information
12 Months
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