INSTAX SQ6 Instant Camera

INSTAX SQ6 Instant Camera INSTAX SQ6 Instant Camera INSTAX SQ6 Instant Camera
INSTAX SQ6 Instant Camera INSTAX SQ6 Instant Camera INSTAX SQ6 Instant Camera

INSTAX SQ6 Instant Camera


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Product description
Top features:

- Take instant photos to enjoy with family and friends

- Selfie mode lets you take the perfect photo

- Variety of modes to choose from

- Three strobe colour filters can be attached to the flash

Take instant photos

The Instax SQ6 Instant Camera lets you print your photos in seconds, for an old-school feel and photos made for sharing. The photos have a square format, which means you can just point and shoot without worrying about having your camera portrait or landscape.

Whether you're at a wedding reception or simply having a night in with friends, you'll be able to capture the fun, instantly. Plus, you won't need to worry if you're at a party, as the automatic exposure control helps to brighten the images so faces won't get lost in the gloom.

Selfie mode

Love capturing stunning selfies? Selfie mode tweaks the brightness and focal length to keep you looking great in every photo.

You'll be able to see how your photo's going to look thanks to the mirror on the front of the camera next to the lens - no accidental shots of the top of your head or half a face.

Variety of modes

The Instax SQ6 can cope with a lot of different situations. The macro mode lets you take close-up shots of subjects as little as 30 cm away, so you can take frame-filling photos of flowers in bloom.

If you want to take a photo friends in a gorgeous sunset, the landscape mode lets you fit more into your shot.

Want to get a bit arty? Use the double exposure mode to combine two images in the same print. You can press the shutter twice to superimpose one image over the other onto one single print.

You can take even more creative control with the light / dark mode. You can adjust the brightness or add a low-key or high-key effect.

Three strobe colour filters

There are three colour filters included with the SQ6 Instant Camera that lets you add evenmore creative flair to your photos. They sit over the flash to add colourful hues to your snaps

Main colour
160 millimeter
160 millimeter
110 millimeter
0.790 kilogram
Warranty information
12 Months
Extended warranty
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