Portable powerful tech for business travel winners

Portable powerful tech for business travel winners


Travel smart. Get small-scale tech that makes a big difference to your trip.

Small is beautiful when it comes to getting the right tech for your next business trip, whether it’s a tablet that can replace a laptop or a watch that’s your own personal assistant. Business travel winners pick portable tech with a productivity punch…

Lugging a bulky laptop bag around the airport can make you lose your chic business traveller mojo. And how annoying is it having to retrieve your phone from your bag to check your calendar or pick up a text?

Forget about aching shoulders, unnecessary faffing and disapproving looks with super-small but super-powerful tech for business travel winners.

1. The tablet that can replace your laptop

Want the oomph of a high-end laptop without the bulk? The Surface Pro 4 from Microsoft squeezes impressive processing power and Office software into a slender tablet. You can tap and swipe its touchscreen like a tablet or type as you would on a laptop by adding the specially designed wireless keyboard.

With it you can:

  • Work on spreadsheets, presentations and reports with Word, Excel and PowerPoint
  • Enjoy plenty of screen real estate with the 12.3 inch screen
  • Carry it in your bag without shoulder-ache – it weighs just 766g
  • Run multiple programs at the same time thanks to the powerful Intel Core processor
  • Write notes directly onto the screen with the stylus pen (bought separately)
  • Kick back with a movie on the high-contrast screen 


2. The iPad that’s ‘the business’ for business

Apple too has a tablet that’s designed for work. The iPad Pro is the biggest ever iPad. It has a large, high-resolution screen and some serious processing power. It can handle everything from editing video and working in design programs to pulling together presentations and chilling with Netflix.

With it you can:

  • Work in large spreadsheets and design projects on the 12.9-inch screen (78% larger than iPad Air 2)
  • See up-close detail thanks to the 5.6 million pixel Retina display


  • Immerse yourself in movies and TV shows with deep blacks and rich colours (once you’re done with work)
  • Write reports and emails by adding the Smart Keyboard – which is almost paper-thin and completely wireless
  • Smoothly edit 4K video or work in 3D modelling with the A9X processor – or run multiple programs at once
  • Enjoy a long flight without worrying about power with 10 hours’ battery life
  • Slip it in your hand luggage – it weighs just 713g and is 6.9mm thin


  • Design on screen with the Apple Pencil stylus accessory. It recognises how hard you’re pressing for more artistic control when shading and drawing



3. An e-reader for books without the bulk 

Reading is a great way of killing time on a flight. But books can add some serious heft to your hand luggage. With a Kindle e-reader you can hold thousands of books in a device that fits in your pocket. With it you can:


  • Choose from more than 2 million books in the Kindle Store
  • Enjoy a screen that’s glare-free and can be adjusted to suit different lighting – perfect on night flights or brightly lit airport lobbies
  • Save space in your luggage. The battery lasts weeks on a single charge
  • Read as though the words are printed on paper with the specially designed display
  • Turn pages smoothly when you’re gripped by a page-turner thanks to the fast processor


4. A laptop that looks as sharp as your designer suit 

You’re dressed for success in a sharp designer suit. Then you pull out a battered old laptop and the bubble bursts. Make sure your tech matches your tailoring with a high-end premium laptop. These are thin, lightweight and finished in premium materials. And there’s no compromise on power, thanks to clever design and processing power.


The HP Spectre x360 2 in 1 laptop really is the business. With it you can:

  • Switch between laptop and tablet by swivelling the screen back on its hinge
  • Slip it your hand luggage with its thin, lightweight design (it measures just 15.9mm)
  • Run powerful programs simultaneously with the Intel Core processor
  • Feel smart and secure with its chic but tough aluminium design


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