Polar M600

Polar M600


Want to stay active & keep up to date with what’s going on even while you’re away? Look no further than the stylish Polar M600.

The Polar M600 is a sports optimised Android WearTM smartwatch designed to suit an active lifestyle without compromises – a sports smartwatch from the smart sports watch people.


The M600 allows you to train anywhere, just tighten the strap and you’re ready to train, perfect for that quick run along the beach. It provides wrist-based heart rate measurement so no need for an extra chest strap meaning there’s less to pack. There are over a hundred sport profiles so there’s no excuse for not trying something new, from beach volleyball to windsurfing.

With a reinforced thermoplastic case & scratch resistant Gorilla 3 glass lens as well as being water resistant, the M600 can take whatever your travels throw at it.

You can also track your activity 24/7 over 5 intensity levels, so even if you don’t feel like training you can still reach your activity goal. Using the Polar Flow app you can get a visual summary of your day’s activity. The helpful activity guide gives you practical guidance to help you reach you daily activity goal.

But the M600 isn’t just a sports watch, it’s a smart watch too. Keep in touch with home by reading & replying to texts, scrolling through your social media feeds & receive calendar notifications. Listen to music offline with Google Play music or use some of the over 4000 apps available via Android WearTM including Google Now, Google Hangouts & Google Maps.

Furthermore, with voice control (just say “OK Google”) you can find out virtually anything; your teams scores, check the weather, translate words & phrases, check local customs; even find out what’s in the local speciality dish.


With turn by turn navigation, traffic information, maps & the ability to check your flight or hotel reservations, it’s like having a guidebook on your wrist.

Use the Polar Flow app & web service to keep track of your activity, analyse your progress & achieve more. Available on iOS & Android, the Polar Flow app goes where you go. Your Polar M600 syncs to Polar Flow so you can check your stats on the go. With the more detailed web service, find advanced analysis of your achievements with graphs & statistics, follow your long-term progress & stay connected to the Flow community. Set targets & goals and plan your workouts, from anywhere in the world.

You’ll also have access to all of our exclusive Smart Coaching features including:

  • Training Load – see how your training affects your body
  • Recovery Status – discover how long you need to recover before training again
  • Fitness Test – a five minute test that measures your aerobic fitness from your resting heart rate, heart rate variability & background information
  • Running Index – shows you how your running performance is developing
  • Training Benefit – delivers motivating feedback immediately after your session
  • Smart Calories – lets you know exactly how many calories you’ve burned based on your personal information & how hard you’ve trained
  • Activity Benefit – gives feedback on your daily, weekly & monthly activity, showing how your active choices help you stay healthy
  • Running Programme – train for a specific event with a personal & adaptable training plan via Polar Flow

The M600 even measures your sleep quality, so you’ll know you’re fully rested ready for your next day of adventure!


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