HP Spectre x360 – Fast, light and very, very clever

HP Spectre x360 – Fast, light and very, very clever


Introducing the Spectre x360 from HP – the laptop that re-defines laptops. From the Windows Hello login, where your face is the password, to the versatile design that lets you use the laptop in four different physical modes, this is precision-designed technology at its best.

HP has gone for the very best of everything. The 360° hinge means you can use this as a standard laptop, fold the keyboard back to make a tent-like stand for the screen, underneath the screen to make a sturdy stand for watching movies or fold it completely back to turn the Spectre into a tablet. Use the keyboard, the touchscreen, or Windows Ink, using the pen that comes with your laptop to write notes, highlight comments, draw out plans or sketch ideas.

The ultimate in powerful portable computing

What are the things that matter when you’re carrying your laptop around? Weight, size, and ease of use. The Spectre x360 has all of this covered. It weighs just 1.29kg and is less than 14mm thin. And there’s some serious processing power packed inside. HP uses an Intel® Core™ i7-8500U processor that lets you open and use your favourite apps without impacting on performance, so you can write and edit smoothly and easily.

What’s more, the Spectre x360 has a 1TB Solid State Drive; much faster than a standard hard drive and with no moving parts, so your laptop is more resilient and more reliable – instant boot-up and faster loading. A long battery charge means you can use your laptop all day – even when you’re constantly running video and power-hungry apps.

What’s that about the login?

Windows Hello is a feature of the latest Windows 10. A built-in webcam recognises you when you open the laptop and logs you in. It’s quicker and easier than typing in a password, and lets you log in securely every time. HP has also added a fingerprint reader for additional payment security – just touch and go.

And once you’re in, why not make use of Cortana, your personal digital assistant? With a voice-activated function, Cortana can help you to manage your work and your social life with easy diary management, instant internet searching and much more.

Give me more screen

A full 4K Ultra-HD display means you get incredible definition for movies, catch-up TV and video channels, as well as a brilliant picture for photo and video editing. The almost-borderless screen gives you a cinematic feel, and getting this level of screen quality as standard is a real bonus.

Sleek style you’ll want to get your hands on

This is a laptop you’ll want to take everywhere with you. Its seductive design, smooth corners, soft colours and sensitive styling mean you won’t want to leave it alone. The back-lit keyboard, extra-wide touch pad and range of ports, including a standard USB port so you don’t have to go straight out and buy an adaptor, make this not just a thing of practical use, but a real thing of beauty.

We love this laptop – it’s clever, refined, gorgeous and practical. Ideal for people on the go, and perfect for people who love beautiful technology, it’s worth checking out as soon as you can.




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