Make your best shot better


Planning the adventure of a lifetime? You’ll want to capture everything and not miss a moment because of scrambling to round up gear from your camera bag. Plus, who really wants to carry a heavy camera through the crowded city, exotic jungle or remote beach anyway? More and more people have discovered smartphones as their go-to camera – the obvious appeals being portability and the ability to instantly share pictures and video on the go. However, smartphones aren’t always the best when you need to zoom in or get wider to capture the details of a beautiful flower or a once-in-a-lifetime sunrise. That’s where the olloclip® steps in.


The 4-in-1 Lens is the perfect, pocket-sized traveller’s companion featuring a wide-angle, fisheye and two macro lenses that clip directly on and off of your smartphone in seconds, all in a convenient and lightweight package. olloclip’s award-winning, compact design means that instead of four separate lenses, you’re carrying around just one small accessory. So you can simply attach your favorite lens and unleash the creativity. Plus, with three included wearable pendants you can keep the 4-in-1 Lens around your neck, on your keychain or backpack, or just pop it into your pocket – always within arm’s reach when you need it. The iconic 4-in-1 Lens features premium coated ground glass optics that aren’t oversized or heavy and attaches without the need for a bulky case or mounting bracket. It’s exactly the way a mobile photographer would expect it.

4-in-1 Features include:

  • Four versatile lens options included:
    • Fisheye
    • Wide-Angle
    • 10x Macro
    • 15x Macro
  • Lightweight, compact design works on front and rear-facing cameras
  • Switch between lenses in seconds with no extra parts needed
  • Precision coated ground glass optics deliver superior clarity
  • Wearable pendants keep the lens instantly accessible
  • Works with all your favourite photo and video apps


Creativity in your pocket.

The olloclip brand is synonymous with creative expression. With introductions and upgrades to popular apps like Facebook (Live), Instagram, Snapchat and Periscope, people are always looking for new and exciting ways to share their everyday life and personal experiences. The 4-in-1 Lens gives you more control and more opportunities to get creative while living on the go. Like lenses used on larger professional DSLR cameras, olloclip lens systems are designed to provide similar perspectives, while being sized small enough to fit in your pocket, purse or hand. In-house engineering and design teams spend countless hours perfecting the ultimate user experience with uncompromised quality. With olloclip products, you don’t need to be a professional photographer to capture and share life’s incredible moments more easily, spontaneously and artistically than ever before. Completely respecting the need to be mobile, your smartphone now becomes a powerhouse of creative versatility – proving a new realm of photographic possibilities.

“The best camera is the one that is always with you,” is how the saying goes. Today, most of us carry pretty powerful smartphone cameras around in our pockets, and many companies have attempted to improve and build upon the iPhone’s camera by creating external lenses. olloclip’s patented mobile lens design remains the world’s most-awarded and it’s easy to see why. It is the only mobile lens with the ability to reach both the front and rear cameras at the same time, great for the perfect selfie or capturing a stunning panoramic landscape. The 4-in-1 Lens is specifically designed for people looking to get more from their iPhone’s camera. Why not capture the sunset in a 180-degree view from the fisheye lens or take some time to appreciate the little things in life with macro shots of shells on the beach? olloclip products are all about personal expression and unlocking the creative eye in everyone.


From Kickstarter to the global market.

In May of 2011, Founder Patrick O’Neill enlisted the Kickstarter crowdfunding platform to evolve his original “olloclip 3-in-1 Photo Lens” into reality. The vision was to not only create a new product, but identify a completely new category. It all began with an inspiration to add creative options to his most used and favorite camera, his iPhone 4. Most recently, in March 2016, olloclip was a featured brand story on a new History Channel series, Million Dollar Genius.

Patrick could see the growing competition to have the best social media content, and guessed that shutterbugs would want a tool that gave their snaps an edge. This, and the desire to be mobile, inspired the idea for his first olloclip – an idea he bet his house on. Luckily, the bet paid off and olloclip has since shipped over 1.5 million lenses. What started out as a concept, quickly transformed the world of mobile photography opening up new possibilities for people to enhance their photography without a need purchase expensive professional gear. Since revolutionizing the mobile photography industry, the 4-in-1 Lens remains the most-awarded and popular smartphone lens solution in the world.

As a brand, olloclip continues to find new and exciting ways to enhance mobile photography for its legion of passionate adventurers (check out #olloclip and @olloclip on Instagram for some of the favorite user-generated photos and videos).


We believe people want to influence culture.

Adored by amateur and professional photographers alike, the 4-in-1 Lens is good enough for the highest level professional, but easy enough for a five-year-old to use. From professional photographers to everyday picture takers, many have used the 4-in-1 Lens to document their daily journeys. Just check out the ollo Collective – a team of professionals, creatives, athletes and entertainers that live life in the moment and are ready to capture and share it with you from their perspective. olloclip’s lenses give you the power to personalize your point-of-view and capture your next city, beach or mountain adventure at it’s absolute best.

Always pioneering innovation in the mobile photography space, olloclip continues to bring revolutionary new products to the market that push the possibilities of what you can creatively accomplish and share through your smartphone. Today, we believe people instinctually want to influence culture. There’s an artist within each of us waiting to be discovered. How will you make your images speak louder?