Size does matter

Freedom combines sophisticated style, incredible sound and increased comfort in the smallest, most advanced wireless earbuds ever designed, rivalling anything in the wired world



In-ear sport Bluetooth buds have traditionally used all plastic materials, as metal inhibits signal performance. Our innovation in engineering and miniaturisation has allowed us to re-invent the manufacturing process, using high-quality injection moulded metal parts creating stunning fashionable accents with a premium icon feel – without affecting signal performance.

The all-metal housing has the added benefit of removing distortion resulting in an incredible sound never before heard in a wireless in-ear bud.


Elegant sand-blasted metal accents in vibrant colours become an extension of your personality and style, while also being more rugged than ever, bringing your music to wherever you play.


A variety of customised fit-options are included in-the-box to ensure you get the most secure and comfortable fit.

PremiumComply™ memory foam ear tips exclusively designed for Jaybird, deliver maximum noise isolation, fit & comfort. Patented silicone ear fins hug into the top, back & lower surface areas of the ear, all essential to lock-in a secure-fit for sports.