Inclusion & Diversity

At Dixons Travel we understand the many benefits of an inclusive and diverse workforce. We build teams that reflect our customers both in the UK and overseas and we encourage our colleagues to use their personal knowledge to improve the experience of our customers.

We believe that a diverse workforce is more powerful and more productive and delivers better results across every element of our business – from strategic thinking to delighting our customers every day. We are committed to training and developing all of our colleagues and offering equal opportunities to all of our people.

We are proud of our inclusive workplace, where everyone can be themselves and every individual is encouraged to contribute their point of view and perspective. We understand that a diverse environment makes teams happier and more dynamic, and our internal research clearly demonstrates that our workforce is incredibly engaged and enabled when compared to the retail norm.

Our culture allows our people to make the most of the opportunities available to them regardless of ethnicity, religion, gender, disability, age or sexual orientation.

Hear from some members of the team about their experience working at Dixons Travel

Jake Skists
Category Manager

The thing that makes Dixons Travel a great place to work is the fact that I can be myself in a supportive and diverse environment. My team make me feel comfortable to be open about my sexuality and this also actively allows me to bring a different perspective on how we improve our customer offering to attract different demographics to our stores. The confidence that also comes from having such an accepting and talented team has allowed me to grow and develop rapidly in such a dynamic atmosphere. Through this, I have been able to perform well and stand out, resulting in two promotions in just under 18 months since joining the company and I thoroughly enjoy each day of my job.

Christopher Kelly
Forum Rep, Scotland and North East

Working for Dixons Travel I have been given the opportunity to be around a wide range of views, talents & skills to make a difference and challenge convention to make our customers and colleagues lives better.

Abhijit Sharma
Assistant Manager

Working at Dixons Travel gives me the opportunity to meet with different people from different cultures and ethnicity. Coupled with the fact that we are based at the airport, diversity just significantly increases. We get exposure of various cultural beliefs and values from customers and the colleagues which helps us gain more knowledge about them and respect the diversity. All of this in a fast paced environment of the airport makes the job much more interesting and a fun place to work.

Amar Dhaliwal
Operations Colleague

Working at Dixons Travel so far has been extremely pleasurable, meeting new staff who are very friendly and the interaction of customers makes the day exciting. I am proud to be a part of a market dominating firm and help Dixons Travel to maintain their market leader position.

Evan Kyle
Category Manager

I’ve always felt Dixons Travel has really supported me as a colleague to be my true self. Working with other colleagues who were part of the LGBT+ community really helped me understand myself even better and given me the voice to be able to say “this is me”. The support I received and continue to receive from colleagues after having come out has been world class. I am made to feel so welcome for who I am and this has given me such a boost in all aspects of my life.

Jasleen Singh
Sales Assistant

I have been a part of Dixons Travel for the last 12 years, as a Sales Assistant. Being a diverse member of Dixons Travel gives me the up most joy. Over the years, the working environment has helped me become adaptable, understanding and knowledgeable.

Our team brings all races, age, religion and sexual orientation together, aiming to achieve a common goal which I believe makes us successful. We are also able to use our diversity and skills to attract different cultures from all backgrounds which builds a great rapport amongst communities.

Sam Abdus
Assistant Manager

I have worked for nearly 25 years for Dixons Travel and have immensely enjoyed my time working with great colleagues. There are many fantastic reasons why I have enjoyed my time with Dixons Travel. However one of the most important factors is how they value their colleagues.

Dixons Travel have always given everyone an opportunity to unlock their true potential regardless of their religion, race, gender, religious beliefs and physical disablities to name a few. This makes Dixons Travel stand out as a unique organisation who embrace “Diversity” in their workplace. Diversity is not about how we differ. Diversity is about embracing one anothers uniqueness.

Having diversity in every aspect of a retail company ensures that decisions being made have the interests of a retailers diverse demographic. I strongly believe that Dixons Travel embed this ethic and philosophy. This is another factor on why we have excellent customer retention as customers feel better connected to a diverse brand.

Stacy Darling

When we’re talking about diversity, it’s not a box to check. It is a reality that should be deeply felt and held and valued by all of us. Dixons is a place where this can happen, as mtf transitioner I know, the company has supported me 100% making my life 100% easier.

Louise Gleeson

Dixons Travel is a great place to work. As a woman in a very male oriented industry as well as a woman of colour I have faced no prejudices and have been made to feel comfortable and accepted within the role. With a management team made up of as many woman as men, I feel represented and know that my voice is heard. The strong female presence in the management team at Dixons Travel truly inspires me as it’s clear there is no glass ceiling here, something I truly value, especially as a woman of colour. I feel I am viewed based on my talents and performance rather than any prejudice that exists in other companies. The team is truly inclusive and the diversity that exists here allows us to work well together and achieve goals while feeling truly accepted.