A holiday isn’t a holiday without music



Get up to 9 months free music streaming with your holiday tech!

Thinking about picking up some tech on your way through the airport? Do it with us and we’ll give you up to 9 months of free unlimited music streaming, depending on how much you spend.

Grab some sweet headphones and get 53 million tracks thrown in

Deezer gives you access to over 53 million tracks, on-demand and offline. You can pick your tracks or tune in to one of thousands of hand-curated playlists made by their team of Editors, so there’s something to listen to for every moment and every mood.

Airplane Mode can’t stop this party

Download as many songs as you can fit on your phone and listen offline! It’s better than listening to that kid three rows back or your noisily-breathing neighbour.

What’s that song?!

Have you ever been on holiday and heard one song over and over again, only to never be able to find it again once you get home? With Deezer’s proprietary SongCatcher feature, you can identify your massive holiday banger when it’s playing in a club (yes, it even captures the sound when you’re offline), and add it to your “RIP Holiday Summer 2018” playlist so the memory never fades.

Take your personal DJ with you

Flow is like having a personal DJ with you at all times. Exclusive to Deezer, this feature mixes old favourites and new recommendations into one infinite stream, based on what you listen to. Plus, you’ll also get regularly refreshed Flow-inspired playlists built around a couple of artists you like, so you can discover more great new music for your holiday.

So wherever you’re going this summer, don’t leave your music at home. Get up to 9 months free music streaming with your audio, computing or mobile purchase in Dixons Travel.