Fitness gadgets: a new start for the new year


Trying to stick to your resolutions? Track your progress with the smart tech designed to be by your side every step of the journey

If you’ve got resolutions to stick to in the new year, make it easier on yourself – find an easy way to keep track of your good work.


Microsoft Band 2 fitness tracker

This smart wristband combines fitness data collection with personal notifications.

What does it do?

The 2nd generation of the Microsoft Band straddles the functionality of smartwatches and fitness trackers. It:

  • measures your heart rate 24/7
  • tracks your sleep quality
  • records your performance on certain workouts – running, cycling and golf shot-tracking too
  • supports guided workouts

The band’s built to help you with your day-to-day productivity as well as fitness, with email, text and social notifications. If you’ve got a Windows phone, you can also use Cortana, Microsoft’s voice-activated personal assistant, right from the band.

How can I use it?

You manage the device via a smartphone app, which is available on iOS, Android and, of course, Windows phones.

This band is built to work with the apps you’re already using – like MyFitnessPal, Strava, MapMyRun and even things like Uber and Starbucks. You can sync with social accounts including Twitter and Facebook to get notifications right to your wrist.



Garmin Vivoactive smartwatch

This GPS-enabled smartwatch syncs with your smartphone for fitness tracking and notifications when you need them.

What does it do?

Super-smart and sleek, this watch gives you at-a-glance updates and 24-hour tracking. It will:

  • track your sleep and activity
  • sync with your smartphone and notify you about the things that matter
  • work with workout apps covering running, golf and cycling
  • swim with you – it’s water resistant, so if your favourite workout’s in a pool, this is the watch for you

The touchscreen is large enough to give you plenty of information when you need it, and the sleek, square watch-face can be accessorised with bands in lots of colours, for a look that works with your wardrobe.

How can I use it?

Pair this watch with your iOS or Android smartphone for regular updates, and get started with your tracking. You can customise it with a choice of face designs, widgets and apps, and view your stats even when you’re away from your smartphone. Even better, this watch even has a function that helps you find your phone.



Garmin Edge 25 cycle computer

If you’ve made a promise to get out on your bike more often, take the Garmin Edge with you for powerful tracking.

What does it do?

This small but mighty cycle computer will go everywhere your wheels can take you. It can:

  • track your ride in real time, showing you how far and fast you’ve travelled
  • sync and wirelessly upload with online ride trackers, meaning family and friends can watch your progress in real time
  • follow routes set by yourself or others to experience the best rides in the area
  • pair with a heart rate monitor to track your progress

It’s also hard-wearing and water-resistant, so you don’t need to worry about taking on the elements.

How can I use it?

The cycle computer’s designed to be mounted on your handlebars, and it charges quickly via USB, so you’ll be good to go not long after you’ve unboxed it. Get great navigation support from both GPS and GLONASS satellite networks (GPS uses American satellites, GLONASS uses Russian), whether you’re following a course or exploring a new area.



Fitbit Charge HR fitness tracker

This heart-rate enabled fitness tracker’s built to automatically recognise your activity and record your progress.

What does it do?

This tracker’s designed to travel with you, supporting your exercise, sleep and heart rate. It will:

  • Automatically recognise when you start exercising and record your progress in the app
  • Monitor your sleep and wake you up gently with a silent, vibrating alarm
  • Record your heart rate constantly so you can learn your usual resting and active zones
  • Notify you of incoming calls on your smartphone

Fitness-band-vs-smart-watch-4You can join up with friends who also use a Fitbit to compete to reach goals, as well as celebrate reaching your goals with badges for your progress.

How can I use it?

Download the smartphone app and sync to get started, then wear the band on your wrist every day for continuous, easy tracking. Your phone app will also help you log food easily, with a barcode scanner for fast tracking. We really like the desktop dashboard too – a quick and easy way to get an overview of your activity.



Jabra Sport Pulse Bluetooth headphones

Because every workout’s easier with the right soundtrack, you need earphones that keep up with you – and help you reach your goals.

What do they do?

These headphones are built for activity. Wireless technology means no wires to get tangled in, while the integral heart rate monitor and voice-coaching means that they won’t just soundtrack your workout, they’ll help it too. They are:

  • Sweat and water-resistant, so a mid-run downpour won’t stop the music
  • Built for workouts – with a heart-rate monitor, wireless connection and changeable tips for a great fit
  • Equipped with hands-free controls for answering calls, skipping tracks and changing volume on the move
  • Designed for great sound from every genre with Dolby Sound Enhancement

How can I use it?

They come with a standard 3.5mm jack, so they’ll fit with any smartphone or MP3 player. There’s a smartphone app for recording your workout stats too.

The sound is built to be sharp – from clean trebles to powerful bass notes, you’ll get a solid sound as the artist intended.

Today’s tech means there’s no excuses for skipping a workout – now you can track and measure your progress every time you lace up your trainers, it’s easier than ever to stay motivated