Not convinced you need smart lighting? Think again.


There is such a lot of choice in the smart home market today, that it’s hard to decide what to buy. Whether it’s a phone, TV or tablet, there is such a large range of options in the market all supposedly doing the same thing, so making a decision can be really tricky.

Having a ‘Smart Home’ is the latest must have in tech and choosing which products to buy could make or break your home. Your choice of smart hub, should you choose poorly, could really limit your availability of products further down the line as you expand your ecosystem.

The ability to make your home ‘smart’ opens up a world of tech that you may never have considered possible. From controlling your lights with your voice, watching your home from the office, or having your fridge order your groceries for you, the ever-expanding range of products is one that knows no bounds.

Whilst the possibility of futuristic kitchen appliances may seem very far-fetched, controlling your lighting from your smartphone or tablet is something that is much closer to home and often one that many people feel far more comfortable with. The Philips Hue smart lighting system allows you to control your lights from your smartphone or tablet whether you are at home or abroad or using your voice or Hue sensor

Not convinced you need smart lighting? Think again.

Philips Hue LED bulbs come in a variety of shapes and caps, to suit the need of any household. Beginning with a Starter Kit, your set of three bulbs, dimming switch and bridge are all you need to get started. By plugging the bridge (the heart of the Hue system) into your router, you are connecting your lights to the internet and opening up the usage possibilities.

Now you can use your lights for pretty much any application you can think of: with Hue white and colour ambiance lights you get warm white to cool daylight as well as millions of colours to choose from, the only limit is your imagination. From controlling your lights to enhance your entertainment experience, creating the perfect ambience for any occasion, setting your lights to turn on as you arrive home from work or looking like you are home when you are not, Hue can be used for every space and every moment in the home.

But what good is a smart home if your lights don’t work with your other smart tech? Whether you have Alexa, Apple HomeKit (and therefore use Siri) or Google Assistant, your Philips Hue system can be controlled with your voice as well as your smart device or switch. The ’Friends of Hue’ programme ensures that your lights will also partner seamlessly with a wide variety of smart home partners such as Razer (for an immersive gaming experience), IFTTT (allows you to connect your lights to interact with other applications), Nest (for use in combination with cameras, thermostats and smoke alarms), XFINITY Home (for additional security) and Logitech (to control your home with a universal remote), as well of hundreds of third party apps.

The world of tech can be confusing, but in choosing Philips Hue you are opening the possibilities in your home to a network of world leading brands. When intelligent products and devices work seamlessly together your life becomes simpler.

That’s one less decision to be made then!