Fossil Q Smartwatches

Fossil Q Venture HR and Fossil Q Explorist HR

As one of the first fashion brands to introduce this level of technology to their collection, Fossil shows consumers you don’t have to sacrifice fashion for function. Powered with Wear OS by Google and the Qualcomm® Snapdragon Wear™ 2100 Platform, the new devices offer enhancements to every facet of the day, with hardware including Heart-Rate Tracking, NFC, Untethered GPS and Swimproof Functionality. Thanks to optimized charge time, users can now charge their device within an hour to last all day.

Fossil entered the smartwatch market to fill the growing desire for tech that was beautifully designed and could be personalized. This new generation is no different: it is packed with the unique design traits allowing users to customize from strap to dial. There are 36+ exclusive dials, from fashion forward to novelty dials, and users can integrate an increasing number of third party apps to their device experience, as well as set social media photos as watch face backgrounds. Fossil is continuing to design smartwatches as only Fossil can, with a vintage-inspired approach to modern technology that lets customers find a watch that perfectly suits their authentic selves.

Called Fossil Q Venture HR and Fossil Q Explorist HR,these devices can transition through all parts of daily life thanks to added functionality packed into fashionable designs. This new generation of smartwatches ushers in a more holistic user experience from a Fossil smartwatch with key featuresand personalization options that consumers care about.

Key updates include:

Heart-Rate Tracking:
Heart rate functionality was an important ask from consumers and a top priority for the Generation 4 Fossil Q line. Additionally, Fossil wanted to create exclusive watch dials that allowed users to easily access manual readings directly from their watch face. Whether going for a run outside or hitting the gym, you can automaticallytrack your heart rate during logged exercises with Google Fit.

  • Take a manual heart rate reading and automatically track heart rate across multiple types of workouts using Google Fit
  • Heart rate graphs show progress throughout a large variety of workouts and improves workout tracking experience
  • Exclusive-to-Fossil dials have heart rate integrated into the designs, showingusers their beats per minute on their watch face at a quick glance

NFC allows users to have payment and transit capabilities directly on their device. Exclusively compatible with Google Pay (transit and pay currently available in select countries), NFC prevents users from having to pull out their card every time they need to complete a transaction. With a few taps, your card is ready on watch to streamline any checkout experience. Security is an obvious consideration, and users set up a unique lock code on their watch to help protect from any identity or data theft.

Untethered GPS
New untethered GPS capabilities allow the users track walks, and runs, hikes, bike rides, and more via Google Fit and third-party fitness apps without having to bring your phone along. Your watch will automatically map and track your location and distance during logged workouts!

Thanks to added swimproof functionality, users can track swim workouts, hang poolside or hop in the shower without risk of damaging their smartwatch. For consumers ready to hit the trails for a run or ride without taking their phone, music can be downloaded from third party apps directly to device.

With this new generation of watch, Fossil is bringing a unique, fun take on technology. With function-based dials, social sharing abilities and an immense amount of personalization opportunities, these watches truly allows users to “Make it Your Own.” The added functions like Heart Rate, NFC, and GPS will give users a 360-holistic way to track all parts of their lives, while keeping true to the authentic creative spirit of innovative watch design that Fossil was founded on more than 30 years ago.

Emporio Armani Connected Introduces Next Generation Smartwatch

Emporio Armani Connected unveils its latest touchscreen smartwatch featuring the next evolution of wearable technologies and a sleek design that honors the rich tradition of precision watchmaking. With added functionality like heart rate tracking, GPS and NFC, this smartwatch finds new ways to keep customers connected to what matters most to them. Designed in a striking stainless-steel case and sleek mono-link bracelet or embossed leather strap, this Emporio Armani Connected style features new digital dial designs and innovative advancements that benefit the customers’ experience.



New features include:

Heart Rate Tracking
Automatically track heart rate across multiple types of workouts using Google Fit or third-party apps.

Swimproof Technology
Shower, swim, and dive up to 3 ATM seamlessly and track swim workouts through third-party apps.

Payment Technology
Make purchases via your NFC-enabled smartwatch using Google Pay
*Alipay available in China. Google Pay available in select countries

GPS Distance Tracking
Leave your phone at home when going for a walk, hike, ride or run with built-in GPS that records the distance right on your smartwatch.

Assist on the Wrist
Ask questions and give commands directly to your smartwatch via Google Assistant

Powered with Wear OS by Google and the Qualcomm® Snapdragon Wear™ 2100 SoC, the new Emporio Armani Connected touchscreen smartwatch is compatible with both iPhone® and Android™ phones.

Think the GoPro is exclusively for serious surfers, skiers, and sky-divers? Think again…

For Adventures Big and Small

When you hear “adventure”, what springs to mind? Canoeing through caves? Heading off-piste to explore slopes undiscovered?

GoPro believe every day has an adventure in store, like your kids’ first day at school or heading out to adopt a new pet.

Whichever one you’re more likely to find yourself doing, the GoPro HERO7 Action Camera – Black is your perfect companion.

Its exclusive Superphoto mode means you’re transported back to your favourite moments in an instant, thanks to automatic HDR. Reliving that special occasion, family holiday or Apres Ski party has never been easier.

With it you can:

  • Go live on Facebook at holidays or parties – great for making far-away relatives feel like they’re really celebrating with you
  • Skip the editing – ultra-HD makes images so lifelike that it’s almost impossible to make them any better
  • Use voice commands like “GoPro, take a photo” to get the perfect shot, even when your hands are busy
  • Upload footage to your devices on the move, thanks to built-in Wi-Fi
  • Use the timer to get everyone into the group picture
  • Attach it to anything from your bike handles to the dog’s collar and explore infinite interesting angles

Tempted to bag yourself a GoPro HERO7, and film your most impressive holiday and family footage yet? We don’t blame you.

For showing off your skills

In a nutshell: Capture ultra-smooth and vibrant footage your smartphone never could, thanks to 4k resolution

So, all you daredevils… how are you planning to record your next spine-tingling skydive? How are you going to capture the sights and sounds of the sea on your next snorkelling trip?

How else, but with the GoPro HERO7 – Silver, with its in-built GPS tracker and slick slo-mo?

Packed full of new nifty features, it’s sure to make any viewer ooh and ahh.

With it you can:

  • Use voice commands to control it, so you can keep your hands on the wheel/ski poles/handle bars (don’t try this underwater!)
  • Smooth out even the bumpiest of rides with built-in stabilisation
  • Use the GPS tracker to show your speed, height and location. Land a particularly high ski jump? Go on, show it off!
  • Get the timing right. Use two slo-mo modes to make awesome BMX tricks even more epic…
  • …or speed ‘em up with the time lapse function for sharp, sharable clips
  • Capture yourself riding that monster wave or the perfect cannonball into the hotel pool – it’s waterproof up to 10m


For brilliant filming on a budget

In a nutshell: Extremely high quality but fantastically affordable

Just starting out on your career as a film-maker? Want a camera tough enough to come with you on any adventure, but don’t want to break the bank getting it?

The GoPro HERO7 – White has many of the same features as its two big brothers – but also boasts a much more appealing price tag.

With it you can:

  • Capture that dolphin diving tour or the first beach trip of the summer, thanks to its tough waterproof exterior
  • Use your voice or your finger to control it – it’s touchscreen and voice-activated
  • Like other GoPros in the range, it has touch zoom – so you can capture flawless close-ups, even when shooting from afar
  • Make epic edits with the timelapse feature. Try it next time you’re gazing at the sunset or hanging out with friends