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  • 6'' Display
  • WiFi
  • 2GB built in memory

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    Take hundreds of books wherever you go in one well-priced, lightweight package with the Kindle.

    Revolutionary reading

    This latest edition of the Kindle weighs less than 170 g and is thinner than a pencil, fitting into your pocket or bag without any difficulty.

    The eReader lasts for up to a month on one battery charge, giving you freedom to roam with your favourite words.

    This Kindle is affordable too, meaning everyone can access convenient and portable reading.

    Easy reading

    The Kindle screen has no glare in bright sunlight making it easy to read outside or in direct light.

    The fonts are clearer and darker meaning this eReader is easier on the eyes than previous Kindle models. Page turning is quicker too, meaning you won't be waiting as long to reach the thrilling climax of your book.

    Adjustable and custom fonts are available, whilst non-Latin characters are supported, such as Russian, Japanese, Chinese and Korean characters.

    Convenient reading

    The Kindle is capable of holding up to 1400 books in your personal library, giving you plenty of space for all your favourite titles.

    Built-in WiFi enables you to connect to your home network or public hotspots for wireless access to the Kindle store or your home library.

    If you download any books, Amazon will back up the download in their storage cloud, meaning you can re-download your book wirelessly at any time for free.

    Share reading experiences with your friends too as you can post meaningful passages to social networks like Facebook and Twitter directly from the Kindle.

    You can also add notes to your books such as annotations or text, ideal for remembering key moments and jotting down memories.

    Change the way you read with the innovative, affordable Kindle
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